Disneyland Week II: Arriving

Arriving at Disneyland Paris is still surreal. Given the fact that the French take good care about their culture, leaving the train station at Marne-La-Vallee can be shocking. I deliberately decided to make a walk through Disney Village (a nighttime area) and the resort itself to our hotel (instead of taking a shuttle bus). It took a while, but it makes you realize how amazingly large the destination is. It’s nearly 5000 acres, about 20% of the area of Paris.

Without a doubt, entertainment is everywhere. We had dinner at Billy Bob’s mainly because we didn’t want a big buffet and there was some live music. Dining in Disneyland can be comme-ci-comme-ca and given the fact you have live acts, Billy Bob’s Snack Bar is actually amazingly cheap (with about 13 Euros for menu with drinks), but the quality is accordingly. But hey, they played Niravana!

In a follow-up video, you’ll see that besides entertainment, also the quality of food can be great, if you just spend enough money. As alway, the Disneyland Week will continue tomorrow.


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