Disneyland Week III: At Night

One of the biggest mistakes when doing the Disneyland Paris trip is probably to think you just do it as a regular one-day event from Paris. Leaving the park before dawn is a big fail. Not only get most attractions walk-on queues lines then, the park itself offers its pure beauty primarily at night. It’s actually a complete different experience. I have not shot many clips here, but I would not let you go without a least some impressions:

One more reason for staying in the park until the very end will come up, soon. We were just amazed that most visitors decided to miss the one big attraction which was Clemens‘ and my main reason to go there, just because they decided to leave the area before 10 o’clock.

Stay tuned for another nighttime-video about this and more impressions coming up when our Disneyland-Week continues tomorrow.


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