Disneyland Week I: Paris Sewers

Admitted: In our first video of this Disneyland Week special, there is actually not much Disney in it.

Before we left for Disneyland Paris, we decided to take a look into the sewers of Paris. This was also quite interesting as we visited the Munich sewers just some weeks ago. You can enter the sewers at nearly anytime not far away from the Eiffel Tower. You actually walk some canals that have been reformed to a museum.

There are several similarities to the Munich sewer system, however, the main difference is the size in Paris (canals are huge here) and the fact, that in Munich nearly everything is tiled or sealed up as if it was build for eternity. Interesting!

By the way: After the trip, we decided to eat at that Fukushima you can see at the beginning of the video. It was quite nice.

Another Disneyland-Trip video coming up tomorrow.


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