Bubba Ho-Tep (never dies at the End)

Watched Bubba Ho-Tep for the approx. 20th time.

Like all of Don Coscarelli’s work, I really love this movie. From the synopsis, you could think it’s just a funny B-movie about a mummy terrorizing an old people’s home. But actually, it’s more like the complete antithesis of today’s mainstream movies. It’s a plea for slowness, for getting old in dignity and for keeping a soul in a world of craziness. A movie where old people become the movie’s heros without the world even realizing or believing it. It’s movie taking in place in practically just some rooms where people do mostly nothing but sleeping and thinking – and still it’s a movie that explodes from creativeness.

This whole parable fills my heart with joy!

And I can hardly wait to see „John Dies At The End“ this march.

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