Disneyland Week V: Blue Lagoon

Eating in a Disney Resort can be both daunting and enjoyable. There are dozends of restaurants in the parc in Paris and several more in the Disney Village or hotels. Spending a little more money then the usual self-service crap is really worth the price, as the food quality will make a huge jump (yes, there is a reason why there are so many websites just for rating the food quality of the Disneyland Paris Resort alone).


On our last day, we tried to get a table at the Blue Lagoon. I knew that it was hard to get a table there, but we had Monday, it was raining and it was still noon. When we were at the reservation desk, they had one more free slot for us. What a luck! You eat directly within the Pirates of the Carribean attraction, which is a must-do for nearly every fan of the movies (or Monkey Island, though there is no SCUMM Bar). Believe me: The extra money (around 40 Euros für a menu) is well invested in some great memories (and if you stay longer, buy an annual passport or shares, as it will give you attractive discounts to make this events more affordable). And if you can’t spend this much, Annette’s Dinerwas a cheaper diner with some great perspectives, too. Check out this video, why:

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